BLISS Services

Have you ever sat on a warm beach and watched the sun set... or floated amongst the clouds on a bright sunny day... or relaxed in a muskoka chair at the end of the dock and watched the boats ripple by... or lay quietly by the river's edge to listen to the water trickle over smooth, warm rocks... or sat in cozy place by the window on a rainy day to listen to the patter of raindrops... or run a marathon on a perfect fall day and tumbled into the warm, green grass after crossing the finish line?

Then you must have had a massage!

Swedish Massage

(To knead, press, stroke, stimulate, energize, manipulate the tissues of the body, including skin and muscle, in order to relax and ease aches and pains)

  • 30 minute therapeutic massage $40
  • 45 minute therapeutic massage $55
  • 60 minute therapeutic massage $75
  • 90 minute therapeutic massage $140


(45 minute session on the feet that stimulates reflexes related to the organs of the body)

  • $60

**all pricing includes HST


Take time for you!